With a proud tradition of manufacturing rubber parts to uphold, Rustin is also a leader when it comes to technological innovation thanks to our unique approach to engineering. From design and composition to manufacturing, our teams will be on-hand to assist you at every stage of your sealing project, delivering a bespoke solution that fits your sector, your technical requirements and your constraints in terms of standards.

All of the different steps in the process of producing your rubber or silicone parts are validated by a dedicated team (design office, R&D, tool design, blending, industrialisation).


A detailed assessment of your needs is carried out by our team of experts at our in-house laboratory (analysing requirements and your design brief, carrying out a feasibility study, making recommendations and deciding whether rubber or silicone is the best fit). The aim of this in-depth analysis is to come up with the composition for your unique blend.


Once the model has been approved by our laboratory and equipment technicians, our development team will get to work on designing your part (this could be a seal, a profile, a tube, a cord, etc.) When it comes to needs analysis, we employ the latest in simulation and 3D-CAD software, as well as our own internal database. This is when we produce a prototype (stereolithography 3D printing, water jet cutting) in order to show you what your part will look like. Once this prototype has been approved, we can then get on with developing samples.


At Rustin, we have all of the human and technical resources we need to design (using CAD software) and produce all of the tools required for your project. This combined with our rubber transformation expertise helps us to get to the production stage more quickly.
Committed to product quality and client satisfaction, we have control mechanisms in place at every stage of the production process, including checks on blends and rheological testing, ensuring consistent, error-free production.
What’s more, all of our processes are continuously monitored, measured and recorded in order to optimise production and deliver the highest possible quality at the best price.

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