RUSTIN design and manufacture static and dynamic sealing products for use in a practically infinite array of applications.

High added value elastomers

When it comes to elastomers, needs vary from one sector to the next – it all comes down to how the final product will be used. Features include watertightness, dust-tightness and, of course, airtightness. But these properties are not enough for materials designed to be used in sectors such as aeronautics, le railways, road transport or public transport), or in situations featuring highly precise technical specifications.

We know how demanding our clients are in terms of performance and innovation, which is why we have developed high added value rubber and silicone materials. Whether it’s vibration or acoustic insulation you’re after, or resistance to fire or collisions, our expertise when it comes to rubber composition and the relevant processes means we can cater to all your sealing needs, while adhering strictly to the applicable legislation.

Rubber and silicone – from tradition to innovation

Thanks to our production capacities, and backed up by our research and development department, we can quickly produce any type of product, from prototypes to mass production.

Constantly seeking out solutions that are stylish, safe and environmentally-friendly, we regularly design and develop new sealing products, not only from rubber but also from silicone (e.g. translucent backlit silicone seals). This material, which is more sustainable, is perfect for meeting the mobility challenges of our era while delivering the high technical properties you would expect. In the interests of efficiency and consistency, we took the decision to produce all of our silicone parts and products at a dedicated site equipped with all of the latest technology.

A few examples of our rubber and silicone products:

  • Seals (flat, cut, extruded, expanding, moulded)
  • Profiles (compact, aerated, reinforced, dual-material)
  • Sheeting, rolls, wire, tubes, cords
  • Moulded, overmoulded or bonded
  • Metal, glued or multi-material rubber parts