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RUSTIN – long-standing producer of innovative rubber solutions


We are RUSTIN, a family company that has been synonymous with rubber for more than 110 years. Our unique industrial and technological heritage allied to our boundless capacity for innovation means we are able to deliver sealing solutions in even the most demanding sectors.

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Our rubbers

We offer a wide range of rubber products, from synthetic rubber and silicone to natural rubber. Knowing their properties is essential in order to find exactly the right one for you.


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Whether it’s for seals, profiles, rubber sheeting or bespoke moulded or multi-material parts, we design and manufacture products which are watertight, insulating and hard-wearing, suitable for even the toughest environments. See all


From the composition of the mix to mass production, we handle every step of the manufacturing process for all your rubber and silicone parts.


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Tailored solutions

Having all of the necessary expertise and production methods within the same ecosystem means we are able to design and manufacture rubber parts to measure.


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