Given the wide variety of uses to which they can be put, manufacturing technical, airtight parts out of rubber or silicone is a long and complex operation. From composition and blending to shaping (extrusion, moulding, calendering) and finishing, we handle each step in-house to deliver a finished product that is high-quality, reliable and hard-wearing


The composition of blends is vitally important when it comes to the quality of sealing products, which is why we develop our own rubber and silicone blends, whether standard or bespoke. All batches are produced and checked by our laboratory (including rheological, physical and chemical testing) in order to ensure consistent product quality throughout production.

Specialising in the production of rubber materials, we cover the full range of qualification testing at a global level (ISO and ASTM standards).


We have equipment split across two sites (total surface area 25,000 m2), and this allied to our process expertise means we are capable of producing all types of technical components from rubber and silicone, no matter the sector:

  • Extrusion
    We can produce all types of profiles, tubes or cords (compact, aerated, reinforced, dual-material, black or coloured).
    Extrusion can be discontinuous (in an autoclave, for the best possible reticulation while ensuring all measurements are spot on) or continuous (UHF, hot air, salt bath) for a more cost-effective option, depending on your requirements.
  • Moulding
    Our range of presses means we are able to mould parts using injection, transfer or compression moulding. All of our moulds are designed and produced in-house. Overmoulding (for metal, thermoplastics and glass) or hot-melt adhesive are two other options.
  • Calendering
    Used to produce sheets of vulcanised rubber of consistent thickness and width (from 4/10ths to 30/10ths thick, width up to 1,400 mm). Available with either a smooth or coarse finish, these sheets can then be cut and finished to meet your requirements.


When it comes to producing certain flat parts, we use both specialist cutting tables (either with a blade or a press, with forms made to measure) and water jet cutting.


Our production lines are capable of steam and continuous vulcanisation, cutting, piercing, curving and marking, as well as compression or injection welding, depending on end use.

All of the rubber or silicone parts we make are available in a range of different finishes: welded, PTFE surface treatment, fluorised, silicone-coated, rectification processing, drilled, cut into sections, individually marked, high-precision cutting, etc.