The company

No matter what type of rubber you need, we can produce it

At RUSTIN, we specialise in the production of technical rubber, and have a great deal of experience in innovating to create bespoke blends and products.
Over the past 50 years, our company has met the most demanding of requirements

In-house design and manufacturing

Unlike other rubber manufacturers, everything we do is housed under one roof.
Our elastomer blends are developed and manufactured on-site in order to give our clients the very best in terms of traceability, quality, productivity and cost. We also develop our own tools, enabling us to manufacture exclusive finish products.

Human and technological resources

Our highly-qualified engineers are responsible for producing rubber blends and developing dies and tools in-house. The expertise and technology we have in-house means we are able to manufacture even the most complex extruded or moulded rubber parts, as well as original equipment parts.


Rustin rubber products are designed for the most demanding of applications – waterproofing, sealing, joints, protection, containment – while complying with specific standards. We produce rubber components for use in road transport, public transport, passenger rail and air transport.


The fact that the development and the production of our elastomers all takes place on the same site allows us to keep a close eye on everything and make quick changes to the composition of mixes and materials, in addition to overseeing the finished product.

Our experienced production personnel are familiar with high-end quality control, delivering a unique service for clients worldwide.

Manufacturing and skills programme

Development Engineering / Project management

  • CAD Catia V5, product development
  • Tool development
  • Functional 3D interface
  • FMEA calculations
  • Models and functional prototypes are designed using stereolithography and water jet cutting
  • Additive manufacturing is used to produce soft and hard models and prototypes

Rubber blend engineering / Managing material developments

  • In-house laboratory dealing specifically with batch development and control
  • Highly-experienced, expert staff
  • Tests comply with ISO and ASTM standards

Production of blends

  • 3 internal blenders (from 35 kg to 110 kg)
  • Experienced line supervisor
  • On line drive, MES and continuous monitoring

Tool development and production

  • Professional staff with experience of machining and fitting
  • Next generation EDM and CNC machinery (3-5 axis mills, machining 4 axis)
  • Driven engineering and production

Extrusion technology

  • Line of diameter 60 to 150 mm
  • Mono and coextrusion, with or without insert
  • From 2 gr/m to 20 kg/m
  • Vulcanisation methods: steam, UHF, hot air, NIR, salt bath
  • Checked continuously to ensure the size is correct

Moulding and welding

  • Hot welding and cold gluing
  • Injection and compression transfer moulding
  • From 1 gram to 20 kilograms
  • Metal rubber moulding
  • Treatment of all organic and non-organic materials


  • Vulcanised and natural rubber sheeting
  • 2/10 to 3 mm thick on textile beam
  • Can be increased by 10 mm

Cutting and finishing technology

  • CNC water jet cutting
  • Cutting and cutter punching
  • Continuous adhesive application and/or surface coating
  • Marking for traceability
  • All types of surface treatment


  • Metrology using traditional measurement system (PAC; ruler, palmer)
  • 2D camera